Monday, December 31, 2012

Super Wal Mart has Tops and Wegmans beat for variety

Not a huge Walmart fan, but I've found that the superwalmart on Sheridan has stuff Tops and Wegmans don't

off the top of my head
red baron meat trio deep dish singles - I've never seen this at Tops or Wegmans
campbells chunky ham and potato chowder - never seen it at Wegmans, Tops used to sell it but I haven't seen it there in a year or so. To top it off it was only 25 cents more than the wegmans generic chunky soup
canned beef - I've never seen this at Tops or Wegmans
sausage hash - Tops and Wegmans have roast beef hash and corned beef hash but not sausage
more varieties of the frozen burrito brand I like although oddly enough not the variety I get at Tops

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