Sunday, January 16, 2011

More propaganda from the leftist media

As everyone should be aware of by now there was a shooting in AZ last week. The media immediately said it was due to republicans and the tea party. But as time as gone on we've found out that the shooter wasn't really into politics but likely leaned to the left. He has been bad mouthing Giffords since 2007 which is before Palin became a household name or the tea party got going. He had made multiple death threats in the past and the police did nothing, had multiple run ins with campus police and nothing happened, and multiple people have come forward claiming to have known him and saying that he seemed to be losing it yet they too did nothing.

Now to top it off one of the victims is a rabid leftist and at a town hall meeting told a tea party member "you're dead"
Luckily the police acted this time and he was arrested and involuntarily committed to a psych ward for evaluation.

So mainstream media, where is the violence coming from again?