Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Irrepsonsiblity pays in the new America

Once again the responsible are having to pay for the failures of the irresponsible in America. This new pork, I mean "stimulus" bill, has all sorts of increases for those that don't work. Mean while we get the laughable comment from Obama that gov't needs to stop spending what it doesn't have. Um didn't you just push Congress to pass the largest single spending bill in history?

I say fuck the banks that were dumb enough to lend to people without doing proper income checks. Fuck the people dumb enough to not know the terms of their mortgage payments. And fuck the gov't stooges that pressured banks into doing irresponsible lending.

I made sure I got a fixed rate and that I could afford it. Where's my huge bailout? Oh that's right, I was responsible so I get the reward of having to pay shit loads of taxes.

Meanwhile if you hang out at a grocery store long enough, or ask some of the employees, you'll see people buying high priced steak and lobster with their food stamps then having a case of beer and carton of cigarettes rung up separately that they pay for using cash. And don't tell me it's an urban legend, I saw it weekly when I worked at Tops for two years. Was it every food stamp user? No, but the fact that food stamps can be used for what I consider luxury food is obscene. At least wics has limits.

A couple years ago we learned NY pays more for medicaid than CA and TX combined. To top it off there were reports of medicaid being used for Viagara and other non life saving drugs. Again I have to ask WTF is wrong with this state?

I have no problem with gov't programs to help the truly disabled. But the able bodied recipients need to be forced to work for that money. Cleaning up parks and shoveling sidewalks sounds like a good start.