Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair share

I'm tired of hearing that the rich don't pay their fair share. Depending on what level you use to define "rich" they pay approximately one to two thirds of all income tax in America. Drop it down to the upper half of Americans and you get 95-97% of all income tax paid depending on the quoted source.

How about the 50% of Americans that aren't paying jack shit, and in many cases are likely getting money from the system, start paying THEIR "fair share"

Tax codes need to change so that it is not possible to get a net gain when filing your income tax return. I might, just might, be ok with certain cases breaking even but that's pushing it. Additionally, when figuring someone's income things like food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, HEAP, etc should all count towards calculating their taxable income. If obama wants to tax the employer paid portion of people's health insurance it's only fair to tax those other things.

The safety net has become a way of life for far too many, in some cases multiple generations within a family.

The 50% of non payers need to start paying, even if it's only $10/year.

And before someone says I hate poor people, I think that not being able to have a net gain when filing your taxes should apply to businesses too. We can start with taking away GE's $3.2 billion handout and charging them the normal rate on their $5 billion US operations profit.