Saturday, January 9, 2010

ultra mini desktops

Dell recently came out with the Zino

and now Acer has the AspireRevo 3610 and AspireRevo 1600

I don't plan on getting one, but I can see a few specific tasks they could fill nicely:
Guest pc for internet use if you often have people staying with you.
Hook it to a tv for non HD, or HD if the hardware will do it but I'm not sure if it will, video playback
Hook it into a stereo and use it for a jukebox
Mame/dosbox/80s-90s console emulator
Remote desktop/VNC into your more powerful system
Add a second ethernet interface via USB and use it as a router if you need something more versatile than even DD-WRT or similar firmware can do but can't afford something like a Cisco router